About Us

Tale Hagelsteen and Pernille Holmboe Heje for ChicameoAt CHICAMEO we create luxe bohemian fashion for all modern nomad's out there. 
We are Pernille Holmboe and Tale Hagelsteen, the creative duo designing for the fun-loving spirits of the modern Bohemian jet-setters. Our pieces are inspired by far-off places, vintage treasures, and exciting getaways around the world. 

With backgrounds in international fashion modeling and design, we paired up in 2010 to create fashion that exemplifies our passion and wanderlust. As seasoned world travellers, we are constantly following the sun sourcing inspiration from different places, people, and cultures to create the perfect combination of luxe gypsy sensibility and chic confidence. Our collections are an ever-evolving documentation of our travels and discoveries. 

At our studio, located in Asia’s gateway city of Hong Kong, we work with top pattern makers and seamstresses to make each piece custom-perfect for you.  We use only the finest materials and personally handpick all fabrics, linings, threads and embellishments. So don’t worry about clashing outfits with anyone else because all garments are unique creations and limited editions, to be worn for all occasions… day or night, work or play.

Have fun and explore our world at CHICAMEO!   xxx Pernille & Tale



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